....are a small food production company created to share our experience and knowledge of plant-based products with each of you.

...are sure that: "We are what we eat"!We must include healthy products in our daily diet that provide the necessary vitamins and minerals, that are tasty, easy, and convenient to use and diversify the daily menu.

...have created our value algorithm: quality raw materials = quality performance = quality product, which we achieve through our knowledge and experience of plant-based products.

Our value

We have short summers and preserving the harvest of fruits, berries and vegetables is important. Even in the gloomy winter months, we want to continue enjoying summer's taste, and now it is possible! The fruit, berry, and vegetable powders we make are created using gentle drying temperatures, allowing them to preserve not only the smell and taste characteristic of the particular fruit or vegetable, but also the valuable substances.

Fruit and vegetable powders add new value to food supply chains because they are easy to transport, and easy to store, healthy fruit and vegetable powders are available even out of season, and you can quickly and easily create brand-new products from them.

We offer

  • Fruit, berry, and vegetable powders
  • Vegan and gluten-free products
  • The tastings

SIA "Safīra L" concluded a contract with LIAA for receiving incubation support in ERDF project no. "Regional business incubators and creative industries incubator".

Project "Purchase of capital assets necessary for production for the production of fruit, berry and vegetable powders" No. 21-01-AL15-A019.2102-000002
Project "Purchase and equipping of premises necessary for the provision of tourism services" No. 22-01-AL15- A019.2103-000009

Project "Establishment of production facilities and purchase of necessary equipment for the start of fruit processing production" No. 07KA10/2020